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Do You Want to Finally Achieve the Lean and Fit Body You've Always Wanted?

Do You Want To Finally Drop Your Unwanted Flab, Lose Excess Weight,Tone-up And Feel Stronger, All In The Fastest Time Humanly Possible?

Then We Are The Trainers For You

Weight Loss Body Shaping Is our Specialty!

Lose Weight, Get Fit and get in shape with Us!

  • Melt Away Fat
  • Fix Problem Areas
  • Bring Out Your Strong Points
  • Get Into Shape
  • Look Lean
  • Get Fit
  • It's Fun
  • No Particular Fitness level required to start
  • That's Our Specialty!

Lean and Fit Weight Loss Body Shaping Program

Forget working out "one body part at a time" with our Lean and Fit Weight Loss Body shaping program you work your whole body, every time.

Combine that with "sneaky" scientific nutrition secrets and that's how you get a toned, fit and strong body. Oh and you'll also have the stamina of a lion.

Try our Lean and Fit Program risk-free and see for yourself. You'll feel results after just 1 week and actually see your body change in just 14 days .

This well structured 8 week course is guaranteed to work. We have been running these Body Shaping Weight Loss Courses since 1999. This gives you the confidence that the guidance comes from experience and Knolege

Lean & Fit Body Shaping Challenge has a number of strategic components including:-

  • Smart Muscle Resistance Training for great toned body.
  • Cardiovascular Training for more energy.
  • Relaxed Stretching giving you leanness.
  • Myths and Facts on Body shaping no wasting time.
  • Myths and Facts on Supplementation, no wasting money.
  • Mind/Emotion Success Principles giving you the turbo boost.
  • Professional Support and Guidance every step of the way.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have to be fit?
    No.That's the point of the course to get you fit, We just have a basic questionnaire that determine whether your might need your doctors permission to exercise due to past heath problems, but fitness is not in question. We want to get you fitter and feeling better no matter where your fitness level is at right now.
  2. Do I have to have coordination?
    Being coordinated is like everything else in life - It's a skill that takes practice. By doing this program you will become extremely well coordinated.
  3. Will I get injured?
    Because we place a great deal of importance on proper movement and technique, this dramatically reduces your chances of injury. Most injuries come from improper technique, we make sure you do the proper technique, with our supportive environment and passionate trainers who walk you through every step of the way, that's why our injury rate is so low.
    After years of doing this - we hardly every see any injuries. It's the closest thing to 100% safe as you'll get with getting in shape.
  4. Do you have to be a certain age? Am I too old?
    No No No age is not a factor we have people from 16 to 66 even though you are in a group class your will be working at a level that works best for your fitness and age, our staff take you through each exercise making sure it fits your age and fitness.

Tracking your Progress

Assessments will be taken to make sure we are doing what works for you. Not all workouts work for everbody, by having assesments we will know what needs to be changed to get the best results possible for you.

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With limited numbers you get maximum support and attention, to ensure success.

Helping people since 1999

Since 1999, At The Challenge Fitness Centre has been providing quality programs such as Lean and Fit weight loss and Body shaping programs as services with superior facilities in the health centre in and around the Oakleigh, Chadstone, Clayton , Mt Waverly, Huntingdade, Victoria area.